Dear visitor, welcome to our webshop!


Freelane's is a webshop with unique covers for car- and campervanseats. They are made in Holland, so sustainable and no childlabour.


We deliver all over the world. In Europe shipping costs are only € 5,95, that also includes the UK! When you live outside of Europe it is best to send an emal to for further information.


All of our covers are suitable for standard seats. There are 2 models: 1 for regular seats without armrests and the other for seats with armrests. The backside is made of an elastic fabric, so it wil adjust to your seat. We also make bespoke covers, for non-regular seats or for the backseat(s). For this we simply need a picture and width- and depth measurements which you can send us by email.


You can order the regular seatcovers in our webshop and just choose between 'regular' or 'openingen armleuning'. If you need any assistance, please send an email to and we will be happy to help you!


This is an example of a succesful purchase by Giacomo from Italy. He preferred separate covers for the headrests in his campervan (normally the covers go over the headrest in one piece). We had some email-contact and this is the result:


'Seat covers received and just set up.

What can i say, they fit like a glove, and they look wonderful. The stichting feels very well done and strong. Everything was way above my expectations. Congratulations to you and to your team. Happy to find people that make such a quality work. 

All the best,

Giacomo '

Giacomo gave us the measurements of the seats in this way:

But we can also work with a sketch on a piece of paper: