Freelanes Terrycloth Candypink

Freelanes Terrycloth Candypink

(model: regular car/campervanseat with headrest)

Price incl. VAT, excl. shipmentcosts, E 5,95

Make your choice out of 2 models:

1: Regular, fits every car/campervanchair

2: suitable for car/campervanchairs with armrests of side-airbag


*the covers are priced per one

* shipment all over the world

* wash at 30 degrees celcius


Additional product information

model regular car/campervanseat with headrest

Selection: Freelanes Terrycloth Candypink

Product no. model Price
8880-0002 regular car/campervanseat with headrest 28.95 € *
8880-0003 camper-autostoel met hoofdsteun, heeft openingen voor armleuningen 28.95 € *

Prices incl. VAT, excl. E 5,95 shippingcosts

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